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As a Driver you like to get on with things. You don’t like hanging around and prefer to do things now.   “Just do it” is a good slogan for you. Your adventurous spirit can get you in to trouble because you don’t always consider your actions carefully. You don’t mind taking risks and giving things a go. You are a natural leader who likes being the boss and doing it your way. You are good at solving problems and winning is important to you.

"I am a Driver too. We are determined, loyal people who have great confidence. We are not easily sidetracked, and can’t be pushed into doing something we don’t want to do. This can make us very stubborn. I say exactly what I think, and sometimes this upsets other people, but I don’t really care. We can be pushy and bossy when we feel it is necessary, usually when things are not going our way. We are a straightforward people, who can take care of things all on our own."

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