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As a Driver Promoter you are fast-paced, active and enjoy being in control. You are friendly but act firmly and boldly to get your way. You believe strongly in your ability to do things and have the self- confidence to succeed. You are clear about the results you want and use your outgoing personality to reach your objectives. You are often inspirational and come up with great ideas. A natural leader, you set the pace and get things moving.

"I am a Driver Promoter too. We are outgoing, fast-paced people who enjoy being active and on the go. We are not easily sidetracked, and are confident in our abilities. If we fail, it doesn’t worry us too much; we just bounce back and try again. We are determined, but other people sometimes think we are stubborn. We say what we think and enjoy being in charge. I can be a bit bossy, but that’s because I want things done my way!"

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