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As a Driver Supporter you are a busy person who takes responsibility for your own tasks and delivers maximum effort to complete the work you’re doing. You are independent and you don’t like to complicate things and so you look for the simplest solution. You want to do things your way and set personal goals. A good organiser you are friendly and a good listener. Fancy stuff doesn’t impress you, what does is loyalty and honesty. People trust you and admire your confidence and advice.

"I am a Driver Supporter too. We are determined, caring people who set goals and are very interested in whatever we are doing. We believe in hard work, and when we want to we can be very focused and realistic. We like to do things on our own and in our own way. We like to win and be in control, and we don’t like people who are all talk and no action. We are practical people who are especially good at organising and planning."

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