5 (smart) things to do this summer

With no school work to think about and the inevitable rainy day or two to fill, the summer break is the perfect time to start thinking about your future and develop some new skills. Complete our ‘five things to do this summer’ and you’ll go into the new school year feeling like you have had a productive (and fun) break!


Start a book club

Whether you are off on holiday, or just sitting in the park, there is nothing better than reading a good book in the sunshine. Setting up a book club with friends means you have an excuse to get together over summer, and if you know what you’ll be studying next year at school you can even get a head start on your reading to de-stress your term time.



Plan your future

It is never too early to start thinking about what you might study next. So whether you are thinking about what GCSEs you might choose, or if you are thinking about sixth-form or college options, now is the time to do some research. Doing this now means you’ll have much more time to explore all your options. Check out our GCSE options page if you are thinking about GCSEs, or our year 11 resource if you are thinking about sixth form or college.

 Your future 


Learn a language

The internet is full of apps and videos to help you learn new things. Try out one of the mobile apps designed to make learning languages fun (like Duolingo or Mind Snacks) or ask a friend who speaks other language to have a conversation with you – there is no better way to learn than by speaking.




Taking even a little time out to volunteer is not only good for the cause you are helping out with,but will also mean you are expanding your skill-set, meeting new people, and getting the chance to try out new things. Team London lists loads of volunteering opportunities in London, and Do-it.org has a huge database of UK wide opportunities.



Develop your portfolio

Lots of college and university courses, especially creative ones, require that you have a portfolio of work ready when you apply. Portfolios are time consuming to make, but they can be great fun too. Think creatively about the work you are proudest of, and how you present it – some people might prefer to make a blog about their favourite pieces, or work on their own unique presentation book.